Guitar Tips

You dream of being a guitarist, you are willing to practice day and night and you are confident that you will become a superb guitarist one day. But, if you do not choose the right guitar as a beginner, you will definitely be unhappy with the outcome of your efforts and will inevitably give up the guitar. Don’t let your dreams fall apart, follow these simple guidelines and select the best guitar to be a maestro. 
Tips For Buying Your First Guitar

Guitar Tip Series
 You must understand what you play on your guitar if you truly want to always progress no matter what level are you at, because there is always something to learn.
“No action is wiser than a thought. No thought is wiser than the understanding”.
 10 Guitar Tips (part 1)

10 Guitar Tips (Part 2)

10 Guitar Tips  (part 3)

Ear Training 

Ear training  is a skill by which musicians learn to identify, solely by hearing, pitches, intervals, melody, chords, rhythms, and other basic elements of music.

Warning Signs of Playing Guitar and How To Prevent them
Except for occasional sore fingertips, any kind of pain you feel while playing must be taken as a serious warning sign.  

How To Read Guitar Tabs - Advanced
We covered basics of guitar tablature in previous posts.Today we are going to learn few advanced notations in guitar tabs.

Muscle Training in Guitar Playing 
Playing guitar requires that you develop certain specialized muscles in your arms that are normally never used in that way.Playing fast requires that also you develop some other specialized muscle