How to Listen to Music With Your Whole Body

Perception of a sound wave depends on 3 sonic qualities.
  • Pitch,
  • Tone(timbre)
  • Volume
Each note have a different pitch.Pitch is our perception about the frequency of a sound wave.
The higher the frequency the higher the pitch we hear.Notes are the fundemental when playing an instrument.If you play a wrong note that will probably be noticed by all people in the audience.

Different tones are produced by type of the stroke,placement of the fingers etc.
If you can produce different tone colors from the guitar and if you use them wisely someone will say "Oh I like to listen to that player"

The Volume is the other aspect of  sound wave.It's easy to understand.

These are the sonic qualities of music.One of the other aspects of music is the rhythm.Its associated concepts are tempo, meter, and articulation.

Music depends not only on those things  but also on how one interprets a piece of music.
If you have  30 minutes please watch this video.You will understand what I'm trying to say.