Sathish Perera Passes Away

The famous singer Sathish Perera has passed away last morning (23rd) in a private hospital. Sources close to the family stated that Sathish had been ill for over a month and had been receiving treatment at a private hospital.Sathish was aged 42 and was a father of one.

The veteran vocalist and one of the best tabla players late Mr.Shelton Perera was Sathish’s father. Shelton Perera  also died early at the age of 49.Kumari Sashi Perera, the mother of Sathish is an Indian. Sathis has two brothers (Sanjaya, Subash) and two sisters (Anuradhaa, Anupama). His sister Anuradha Perera is also a vocalist.
 Sathish is product of Ananda college Colombo. He first entered to the music field by singing his father’s hit songs “Egodaha Yanno”,”Awasan Liyumai Obata Liyanne”after the sudden death of his father in 1989. The remixed version of the two songs released in 1991/1992 period was a hit and Sathish Perra became a
crowd puller to the outdoor musical shows. He launched two music albums ‘Pem Hasuna’ and ‘Egodaha Yanno’ which  also became hits. Maha Muhudu Wimane,Egodaha Yanno, Amba Damba Naran, Mihirethi Wasantha Kale, An Hematama Wada,Suwanda Rosa Mal, Kanduluwalin Pem Hasuna Liyannata, Adareta Hadu Dun Tharam,Mee pan dee Ridee Ganna were some of the all-time hits he sung.