Raa Sihinen Guitar Chords (Shihan Mihiranga)

Artist - Shihan Mihiranga
Song - Re Sihinen Oba Langa Ma (Re Make)
Key - Am
Beat - 4/4

This song was originally sung by Namal Udugama.Recently Shihan did a remake of this song.Basically the chords are same in both version except for few changes specially in Intro and interlude.
I've included a weired chord in interlude, F maj 7th #11 th.Don't get scared to this fancy name.It's very easy to play.Only thing you have to do is to shift open E major chord  one fret up.G 6th chord  can  be played with same pattern.You have to move 2 more frets to play G 6th.These types of chords are played specially in Flamenco music.These chords can be seen in pieces like "Malaguena"

Enjoy the chords!

Raa Sihinen Guitar Chords

F maj 7th #11 th