Muscle Training in Guitar Playing

Playing guitar requires that you develop certain specialized muscles in your arms that are normally never used in that way.Playing fast requires that also you develop some other specialized muscle.Again, think of walking and running... similar but different: the development and use of running muscles is not quite the same as
the development and use of walking muscles -- both require different practice and exercise.
Now, a major factor in achieving great speed is to gradually develop, train, and coordinate your speed picking muscles .It's really a kind of athletic training.Any good musician is a specialized athlete who has gained control and coordination over his hands and fingers, and the same rules of progress apply to all.

This also means that speed is not a gift that somebody else was lucky enough to get... no, it's just the result of practice, done with regularity and common sense. Do you remember when you started playing BARRE chords? I bet it was hard at first... perhaps you even wondered if you would ever be able to master it...

But then, after a few weeks, your efforts started to pay off... and probably today you can hold a barre chord indefinitely, without a thought...
This is the result of specialized muscle training, and it will be the same with speed.
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