Alternate picking - The foundation Of speed picking

How do players like  Paul Gilbert ,Michael Angel Batio,Yngwie Malmsteen,and Al Di Meola  pick so quickly and cleanly? Speed picking abilities are the product of a logical, pragmatic technical approach based on economy of movement-playing the most notes with the least amount of effort.Alternate picking is the basic technique you should master if you wish to play super fast.

 Alternate picking simply means playing a phrase by regularly alternating down- and up-strokes.Typically you start with a downtroke on a downbeat, and continue from there.Alternate picking is the bread and butter of lead guitar playing, so no matter what exotic techniques you'd like to develop and use, you must make sure you have a strong foundation in alternate picking.It builds the strength and the coordination of the right hand.Here is a sample excercise in  alternate picking.

 D U D U D U D U D U D U D U D

 This is only an basic introduction to alternate picking,I will post more excercises in another article.