10 Guitar Tips (Part 2)

1.       Listen to music! Especially the songs that you want to learn.

2.       Learn scales. The repetition will help develop consistency.

3.       Keep time or practice against a metronome. You can also tap your foot.

4.       Learn new strumming patterns, there are millions! (strumming pattern 4/4

5.       Play with other guitarists or musicians. Playing with other people will give you insight into your own playing.

6.       Create your own exercises. This is pretty easy to do. You can also modify other exercises you find in books or online.

7.       Likewise if you don’t know already, learn how to read guitar tab.

8.       Always tune your guitar before you practice or play. (how to tune your guitar)

9.       Download lots of music. Anything you like really. The more you are exposed to the better.

10.   Keep an open mind when someone else is showing you a new form of music. Likewise if they are playing in a style that you don’t particularly like, you should still pay attention. You can learn as much from things you don’t like as you can from things you like.

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