New Metronome and Guitar Tuner

I lost my old guitar tuner.So I ordered a new one (  ENO ET-30 clip guitar tuner ) from Ebay few weeks ago and I received it today.It's very handy.You might think why someone need a guitar tuner if he can tune his guitar by ear.Don't be scared to use a guitar tuner.It won't destroy your talent ,if you use it wisely.Ear can't help in some situations,For an instance : In a noisy background just before a concert starts.You can't hear your guitar and you are anxious.You can't tune your guitar properly.Guitar tuner will help in those situations  to tune your guitar accurately although you are disturbed.

Here is my new guitar tuner.It can be clipped to the  guitar.It becomes green when correct pitch is achieved.

360 Degree rotating display
Compact Size
Red to Green status indicator screen light
Accuracy 5%

Pick up "Mic" and "Clip"
Multiple Tuning Modes (Chromatic,Guitar,Bass,Violin)
If you don't know how to tune your guitar read this article.
 How To Tune Your Guitar

And here is my new metronome (M50).

It can be listened through a earphone too.I haven't practiced classical guitar for months.I started practicing some scales and some difficult passages with the help of metronome today.I hope to publish some classical guitar lessons in future.