Is it Difficult to play barre chords?

This is a common problem most beginners have.Why it's so difficult to play barre chords?
It's mainly due to inexperience and poor technique.
Your index finger in left hand needs to develop enough strength to apply right amount of pressure to achieve the clear sound.
If the enough pressure is not applied there will be buzzing sound.Each string need different amount of pressure to ring clearly,if you are not distributing the pressure to all strings some strings will ring clearly while others making buzzing sound.Most beginners don't notice when one or two strings are not ringing clearly but poor tone quality of your playing will be easily detected to a trained ear.So play each string separately and listen if all the strings are making clear sound.

The pressure require to achieve a clear sound decreases as you go up the fret board.
So F barre chord will be difficult than G barre chord.So don't start with F major chord.Play a same shaped chord in a higher position and make sure you are making a clear sound.Then come down gradually.Once you have developed the finger strength the pain will go off rapidly than you think.

But remember barre chords should not hurt your wrist.If so you are using a wrong technique.Keep your hand relaxed as possible.If your wrist hurts stop practicing and grab your guitar later.
Barre chords will hurt a lot when you are staring but it will get easier to play with your practice and eventually you won't hurt at all.So be patient and practice.

If you have any question please ask.