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I am a guitar instructor in website which was founded by Swedish guitarist Kristofer Dahl.
I have published several guitar lessons there. You can check out my profile HERE.
There are a lot of sites that provide guitar tabs and guitar chords for English songs. However there are very few sites developed in Srilanka in this niche. I've had an idea to create a good guitar site for Srilankans for a very long time and finally I have made that happen. The purpose of this site is to provide very accurate guitar chords and guitar tabs for Sinhala songs.

 I use Sinhala Unicode for the lyrics and the chords are written above the lyrics

you may have felt ashamed of yourself because, when asked to play a song you may not have been capable of doing so even after months and months of practice.BUT WORRY NO MORE!!!

I decided to create this blog for the beginners who struggled when playing in front of a live audience. This will be very useful in any occasion for instance, at a party or Leisure time with your friends or for even those who are planning to start a band of their own.

Here you can get all the lyrics, chords for chorus, verse, intro and interlude all in one piece of paper. What I would recommend, is to print them all out and file them neatly and have them on standby all ready for you to entertain the crowd.

 I will also provide chord sheets for each song which will be very useful for bass and rhythm guitar players in local bands. All the chords and chord sheets can be downloaded by a single link provided in each post.

I hope this blog will be helpful, especially for beginner guitar players and it will also be very useful for keyboard players and other players in local bands who wish to have a go.

Guitar tab is a new concept for most of the Srilankan guitar players. I will post some guitar tabs for famous songs and in future I will publish some video lessons too.

-Trust me! Learning a little CAN take you far-

Your comments and feedbacks are highly welcomed here.

Good Luck for your Music Career and mostly,

ENJOY!! :)